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  • Are you a K-12 administrator who is wondering how you will comply with the Ohio dyslexia support laws as outlined in the Dyslexia Guidebook? Have you established a structured literacy certification process for teachers providing instruction for students in grades kindergarten through three?

  • Are you a teacher searching for meaningful and effective professional development? 

  • Having worked in public schools as a school psychologist and a special education teacher, I know how challenging it is to keep up with all of the demands of a job you may or may not have been adequately trained for. Unfortunately, most teacher preparation programs, including undergraduate and graduate-level programs in general and special education, do not prepare teachers to provide evidence-based instruction for struggling readers and writers. That certainly describes my experience, and it’s what lead me to seek training outside of “traditional” higher education.


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Dyslexia Introductory Training

Professional Education Provider

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